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Keep up to date with the latest news and events here at Trident Marketing, as well as industry news for marketing and some of the key sectors we work with.

Sustainability Saturday – Office Update

Sustainability Saturdays - An Office Update! As we continue our push to be a greener company, there have been a few changes around the office recently. We have many more ideas on the horizon, but these are the ones we have implemented so far.

Hashtag Strategies

We see hashtags everywhere, and we know that they boost interactivity and open up our content to a wider audience...

Sustainability Saturday – Electric Cars

The Benefits of Electric Cars Electric cars have advanced so much since they were first released and continue to do so. As they rise in popularity, charging them...

Sustainability Saturday – Our first steps

Thanks to our location and brand new building, Trident Marketing already has a comparatively low carbon footprint. However, recently we have been making...

Is print still relevant in today’s digital world?

There is something about physically holding a product that simply cannot be replicated digitally. It is proven to require 21% less cognitive effort to read...

RAK Ceramics Design Hub

We are so excited to see the RAK Ceramics Design Hub, in Clerkenwell, open and attracting lots of attention. This project has been over a year in the making.

Everything you need to know about hashtags

Since Twitter introduced them in 2007, the hashtag has continued to grow in popularity. Also known as the number sign, hash or octothorp.

How The English Language is Evolving

We all know that languages change and develop over time, particularly in the digital age when so many new technologies and platforms are appearing.

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