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WCI Advertising Campaign

Our longstanding client WCI wanted to grow their business and reach out to those who would find their services of interest and increase their client base. Trident Marketing worked closely with them and carried out research to understand the nature of their business and where potential new clients could be sought out.

We presented various marketing opportunities, including memberships to professional groups, sponsorship opportunities, networking and social B2B events, and advertising both online and in print. All targeted to the type of business and client that the services of WCI would appeal to. WCI considered the options available and decided on an advertising campaign in Modus, the RICS professionals publication with circulation to over 80,000 professional surveyors.

WCI took our advice that a single advert would not cut it, and we created ten adverts that would tell a story. We included a competition in the adverts to encourage the reader to visit WCI’s website and call them for a brochure. The campaign is now ending, and we are convinced that WCI will benefit from putting themselves “out there”. After all, if people don’t know you are there, they will not contact you.

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