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Property Market Update

At Trident Marketing, we work with clients within the property market, so we have been making sure we keep a close eye on how the market is doing – especially during these times. It is encouraging to see that there has been a 20% month on month increase in the total number of housing transactions that progressed to completion in July.

However, throughout August, it has been announced that the market rebound for the housing industry has been unexpectedly rapid, with the annual house price growth accelerating to 3.7% from 1.5% in July.

According to a recent survey conducted by the RICS, even though last month’s respondents reported prices were rising rather than falling for the first time since March, a reading of +12 in the RICS survey indicates that buyers and sellers are remaining realistic with their price expectations. A stronger net balance of respondents reported an increase in residential rents.

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Our clients are continuing to sell properties – there are still buyers around looking for their perfect home! We believe it is of utmost importance and a top priority that you can captivate a potential buyer with the best property marketing. Even though house prices fluctuate, updating and increasing your marketing presence is crucial and plays a vital part in ensuring a buyer chooses your product over a competitor.



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