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RAK Ceramics Brochure Design

Trident Marketing was delighted to work with our valued client RAK Ceramics, to help design their 2019 Sanitaryware and Tile brochure. This year saw the first time both Sanitaryware and Tile products were featured in the same brochure, which amounted to a huge task. The RAK team had a clear vision of how they wanted their brochure to look, so working with them, we created design templates that they could then fulfil with product images and specifications.

Our in house designers and proofreaders made author and design changes to all 544 pages of the brochure, meticulously ensuring that all details were correct. Once approved, we then printed 50,000 copies within a two week period. Once printed, we were also responsible for distributing one brochure copy to 1000 client addresses. We even made 1000 phone calls to ensure that the brochure had arrived safely!

The finished 544-page brochure featured CGI’s also created by Trident Marketing and looked stunning. Take a look at our promotional video to see the whole design and production process. We look forward to starting work on the 2020 brochure.

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