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Marathon Bars to return to UK stores

Another brand evolution is happening within the marketing world! It has been announced that Mars has brought back the iconic ‘Marathon’ chocolate bar after 30 years as a retro edition! The brand name has been re-introduced due to popular demand, as 4 million bars were sold in just 12 weeks! However, you will only be able to find them on the shelves of selected supermarkets until November!

For those who may not have heard of the ‘Marathon’ brand name before, you definitely know the current name! The ‘Marathon’ bar was renamed to ‘Snickers’ in 1990 as Mars decided to change the name to keep in line with the ever-changing confectionery market.

How does this link to Trident Marketing?

We have recently gone through a re-brand ourselves to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. We thought it was interesting to see how Mars is resurrecting the Marathon bar (which was around when Trident Marketing first started) – after a successful trial in 2019!

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Check out your local Morrisons or McColl’s to grab the nostalgic Marathon bar!

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