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Have you updated your Marketing?

Often a company’s Marketing is the area that gets the least attention. When business is busy, all the time is usually devoted to servicing clients. However, it is important to stop and analyse how your business is being perceived by current and potential clients, or more importantly is it being noticed at all? Do your current client base know all of the services that you offer? Have you reached out to clients that may have used you once but never had any repeat business.

Here at Trident Marketing we offer a wide range of services to a broad client base. With that in mind, we wanted to produce something physical and appealing that our Sales staff could hand out, which reflected what we do concisely. We have produced brochures in the past to reflect our services for particular sectors, but wanted something that could be updated more easily and targeted at different target markets.

After various designs and ideas, we decided to produce a folder with tabbed inserts for each of the services of our business, so a potential client can see what we can do at a glance. We wanted the folder to be very image-led as they say a photo paints 1000 words. The tabbed inserts allow flexibility to be updated as we complete new projects as well as producing industry-specific information.

We regularly analyse our own marketing strategy and invest in new technologies to keep us up to date and spend time researching and developing new ideas that we feel could benefit our clients.
Take a look at our new folder and look out for our brand new website which will be launched in October.



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