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Global Investment Trends 2021

At Trident Marketing, it is essential we keep up to date and in the know-how of global trends, especially within the property sector, as we work closely with clients within the industry. COVID-19 has brought many challenges globally. However, with a bit of hope, brighter days are just around the corner, with the vaccination being rolled out to millions across the country per week.

A recent investment article from Savills accentuates that the industrial and residential sectors saw more modest downfalls in volumes last year, gaining market share between 21 and 28% of total investment. These sectors are most likely going to face structural change, which means it is a trend that is likely to continue throughout 2021.

As we move towards the government’s net-zero carbon target, more money is starting to be invested in green technology, especially within the housebuilding industry, as they account for over 40% of carbon emissions worldwide! MMC (Modular Methods of Construction) is starting to grow within the house building industry. It allows homes to be built in a faster, safer and more economically friendly way, but still include traditional methods of building both onsite and offsite. This will most certainly present a lot of challenges for property developers and contractors to overcome over the years. However, it should also be seen as a great opportunity!

We look forward to the year ahead and the different trends that occur!

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