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Fundraising for Amelia

Trident Marketing were delighted to help support a little girl whose story really touched our hearts. Amelia is an extremely brave two year old little girl from Ipswich who was diagnosed in November with a Wilms Cancer tumour on her kidney.

Amelia is on a journey to fight this disease already having endured rounds of Chemo prior to her operation which was in January of this year, she had an operation to remove the tumour as well as her kidney.

The hospital then told the family that it had spread to the renal vein where another tumour had developed. The decision was made to go ahead with radiotherapy consisting of 10 sessions over 2 weeks. Amelia needed a general anaesthetic for every single session.

The radiotherapy focused on her whole abdomen due to the rupture and to ensure they treat any places it could have leaked. Due to the extensive area of where the radiotherapy was focused, it is extremely likely Amelia will be left infertile. After the radiotherapy Amelia then started another 27 weeks of chemotherapy.

Amelia is now on week 13 of 28 of her chemotherapy regime. The tumour had ruptured so it’s important to continue treatment to battle any cells invisible on scans and reduce the chance of relapse. Amelia will continue to have scans every 3 months for the next 3 years then every 6 months for 5 years and then every year.

Trident were supposed to be taking part in a Battle of the Businesses at Clip and Climb in Ipswich and all money raised was to be given to help support Amelia’s Family. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the event has had to be postponed. However, it did not stop our amazing clients and suppliers giving generously to the cause.

We are thrilled to announce that Trident Marketing donated £1000.00 and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that offered sponsorship.

We will be taking part in the event – just as soon as life returns back to normality!

In the meantime – we wish Amelia and her family all the best in her fight! Please follow her inspiring story at the link below:

You can still donate to our Just Giving  page at:

Thank you!



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