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Digital Marketing Quiz

Digital Marketing has become increasingly popular, especially in today’s climate. With the growing changes and trends in technology, marketing must keep up to adapt and keep in line with the competition!

If you fancy it, have a go at our Digital Marketing / Social Media quiz! Some answers are true/false, and others are multiple-choice with only one correct answer. We have written the answers underneath!

1. What is the maximum number of characters per Tweet?

(A) 140

(B) 200

(C) 280

(D) 260

Answer: C – Twitter doubled its character limit from 140 to 280 to help users be more expressive rather than cramming their thoughts into just 140 characters! 

2. Which Company Acquired LinkedIn? 

(A) Microsoft

(B) Yahoo

(C) Verizon

(D) Google

Answer: A – In June 2016, Microsoft announced that they would acquire LinkedIn, making it Microsoft’s largest acquisition to date. 

3. Most people leave your website if they can’t get what they want in three clicks? True or False? 

Answer: FALSEVarious studies have disproved the so-called ‘three-click rule’. 

4. Is cold calling better to generate leads than online marketing? True or False? 

Answer: FALSEThis survey calculates that cold calling costs 60% more per lead than online marketing such as blogging, SEO, pay-per-click ads and social media.

5. Which is the largest global social network? 

(A) Snapchat

(B) Facebook

(C) Instagram

(D) Twitter

Answer: B – Facebook is the largest social media platform globally as it has 2 billion monthly active users.

6. Which social network does not allow you to post photos via desktop?  

(A) Twitter

(B) Facebook

(C) Instagram

Answer: C – Instagram. Even though Facebook has acquired it, Instagram has stuck to its mobile roots and doesn’t allow users to create posts from their desktop. They can only view posts via desktop.

7. What technology powers Snapchat’s ‘selfie’ filters?

(A) Virtual Reality

(B) Augmented Reality

Answer: B – Augmented Reality is the technology that powers Snapchat’s ‘selfie’ filters, allowing them to appear on your front and back camera.

8. What does SEO stand for? 

(A) Sound Engine Optimisation

(B) Search Efficiency Optimisation

(C) Search Engine Optimisation

Answer: C – Search Engine Optimisation – which helps to grow the quantity and quality of website traffic by increasing the website’s visibility to users of the search engine.

9. What is an impression? 

(A) The clicking of an ad

(B) The viewing of a story

(C) The number of times content is displayed

Answer: C

10. What percentage of 25-49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices per day?

(A) 10%

(B) 50%

(C) 45%

(D) 65 %

Answer: D – 65% of 25-49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices daily. This is because they are able to adapt to new and upcoming technology quickly, followed closely by 18-24-year-olds.


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