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What Are Brand Guidelines & Why Are They Important?

A blog by Caitlin Aitchison (Senior Graphic Designer at Trident Marketing)

Branding is in my DNA. It’s something I do regularly in my role, whether it’s designing a logo for a company from scratch or working up a brand for a new home development. It’s an incredibly creative process, starting with name ideas. I go on the hunt for inspiration – which could be researching a local area and its history, simply looking at the world around me, or hitting up Dribbble and Behance for a dose of design genius.

From there the logo develops. I design various options, regularly checking their implementation on brochure covers. It’s so easy to get carried away, but making sure a logo works in situ is incredibly important. Next come the colours, then any associated graphic design elements that can help bring the brand to life – such as an eye-catching background pattern.

And yet… no matter how chuffed I am with any branding I design, it would all be fruitless without brand guidelines.

What Are Brand Guidelines?

Essentially, they’re a set of rules which can determine how a brand presents itself. Brand guidelines can be as in-depth or as simple as you like, as long as they work for your brand. First and foremost, they showcase the correct logos and desired spacing, colours, fonts and design, but they can also go on to specify tone of voice, what the brand symbolises, 3D accompaniments and much more.

Example of brand guidelines contents page

Why Are Brand Guidelines Important?

Brand guidelines stabilise your brand’s integrity, consistency and recognisability. They also anchor what you’re all about, giving guidance to a potentially wide breadth of people. For example, you may do some tasks in-house and others with a marketing agency, but you need everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

When Should You Update Brand Guidelines?

Don’t be afraid to update your brand guidelines if you need to. Naturally, you’ll have new ones created if your brand is undergoing a full redesign, but you’ll also need to update them as your brand develops in smaller ways – perhaps you’ve launched a new website and the logo needs to be displayed in a different way, or maybe you’d like to introduce foiling to your print marketing. The number one rule? Make sure you rename them (i.e. Trident Marketing Brand Guidelines September 2023) and distribute to everyone that needs them.

At Trident Marketing, we can design your branding and the accompanying guidelines – whether you have an existing brand or you’ve got nothing but a blank sheet of paper. Our offering massively varies. For a new home developer such as Weston Homes, we’ve created their main brand guidelines, along with countless guidelines for their developments. These can be short-lived, because once the properties have sold they’re no longer needed – but that doesn’t make them any less vital.

I’ve also recently created brand guidelines for Finborough School. This included embroidery thread colours for school knitwear, email footers to ensure professionalism across digital communications, and a selection of alternative logos for different scenarios, such as compliment slips and promotional materials. Each set of guidelines will be different, depending on the needs of the brand.

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