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Trident’s Brand Evolution

To celebrate our 30th year, but also taking a step back and looking at our own Trident Marketing brand, we decided that we needed a refresh.

This was a somewhat daunting prospect. Firstly as a Marketing company – we really do need to get it right, but secondly, as the next generation of the business is taking it forward, we needed to remain true to our roots.

We wanted a cleaner, memorable, and more modern look, with a nod to the past but a brand that instils trust in the service that we pride ourselves on offering. Whilst the brand has seen some minor amendments over the years; this was to be our first complete re-brand with a new look website.

As Richard and Yvette have developed the Trident Marketing logo over 30 years, they have remained with the colour red because it was their favourite colour and represented a strong and vibrant company (also influenced by the love of Manchester United), but they also wanted the u2018Tu2019 of the logo to stand out. Carl and Victoria felt it was important to maintain these traditional roots but bring them up to date in the re-brand.

After hours of design and deliberation, we found a logo that all of the family loved. We also wanted a short and catchy by-line and felt that the use of alliteration worked well in summing up our business values u2013 Creative, Collaborative, Comprehensive.

We are delighted to unveil our new brand!

It is very easy to get stuck in the mindset that a brand has worked for a number of years, so why change it? Whilst this has some merit, it is important to look at it from the perspective of a new customer and how a brand could be updated to be more appealing without changing the fundamental values of the business.

We understand the importance of respecting tradition but appreciate the need to help businesses move into the future.

We can offer a range of Marketing services and would be delighted to arrange a no-obligation chat with Carl on 01473 823700.


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