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Brand-new 2023 brochures for rak ceramics

Our latest RAK Ceramics brochures are due to be delivered any day, and as the year is coming to an end, we thought we would take a look back at all the brochures our team have designed, created and produced for RAK this year.

RAK Ceramics has been a client of ours since 2018, and we created our first brochure for them in March 2019. The following year we became a RAK UK marketing partner. We handle all aspects of their marketing and work closely with their sales team and PR company to produce all advertising, imagery requests, booking and planning campaigns, design and installation of shop displays, photography, CGI’s and video production as well as arranging sponsorship deals and corporate events such as the customer conference events and annual golf day. This year’s golf day was a great success, and an incredible £44,000 was raised for their chosen charity, Rowan’s Hospice.

We were also delighted to have been heavily involved in the RAK Ceramics Design Hub in London, which opened in May. This project had been in the making for over a year, and the Trident team has been responsible for location search, rental negotiations, appointment selection, a 12-week programme implementing CAT A and CAT B works and ensuring it was all completed in time to coincide with Clerkenwell Design Week. To find out more about the Design Hub, check out the latest copy of our newsletter, Vision, here: https://tridentmarketinguk.com/vision/

Throughout the year, we have produced four brochures for RAK. The first was the autumn/winter bathroom book which went to print in August and contained all of this year’s new products and price changes.

This month we have produced the remaining three brochures ready for 2023, which will be delivered any day – 40,000 of each! The Surfaces Book (240 pages) follows the head office template, and then the Brassware Book (194 pages) and the Bathroom Book (416 pages) are fully designed by our in-house creative team.

All three brochures were a team effort, with our graphic design team designing the brochures, our CGI artist creating stunning imagery, our proofreader checking all copy and prices and our project managers arranging and managing the print and production side.

Our Project Manager and Project Director oversaw the whole printing process, ensuring consistency across the three brochures and guaranteeing that we maintain the high standards that we always deliver for the RAK brochures and across all collateral for all our clients.