Euro 2016

With Euro 2016 well underway, we all can’t help but let our patriotic side come out in support of our boys, even if you aren’t the most avid fan of the sport.

Here at Trident, we were very excited for the England vs. Wales game, and decided to put down our tools, switch the voicemail on, crack out the popcorn and gather round the TV.

Comradery was at an all time high as the team cheered England on, all sharing the devastation when Bale scored an unbelievable goal from a free kick, turning to excitement when England managed to bring it back and complete pandemonium breaking out when Sturridge scored the injury-time winner.

This proved to be a welcome incentive for our team to let their hair down and bond that we can all agree was very enjoyable.

England have secured their place in the next stages, here’s to hoping they make it all the way to the finals!