Promotional Video - Grand Central

We recently created a promotional video for Weston Homes to be used to advertise their new flagship development in Cambridge. The launch of the development was taking place in both the UK, Far East and Middle East and was aimed at showcasing the site to potential investors.

The first task in this colossal project was to arrange with the client the camera paths that would be used to showcase the development. Using 2D drawings showing the angle and direction of the camera we agreed upon the path used within the video. We filmed iconic landmarks as well as carrying out aerial photography and filming with our drone which we later animated to highlight the close proximity of amenities and services to the development. We modelled 12 buildings of 135 homes according to architect’s drawings. As well as external views we also needed to showcase the inside of the apartments and houses, we created an interior design from the colour scheme through to furnishings. Once we had client approval on a preliminary version of the video we rendered out each frame at 4K quality before compositing and colour grading in a post-editing program. It was here we added green screen people and cars to add life to the video. 

The result is a stunning video that allows investors and buyers to really understand how the development will look and feel. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome.

  • Promotional Video - Grand Central