Brand Identity - Peterborough

We were recently approached by a national building developer to create a brand identity for a scheme located in Peterborough. The development consisted of the refurbishment of an old workhouse and a collection of new build homes. What was unique about this development was that the scheme was in two different locations; both sites were on a main arterial route into the centre of Peterborough but were approximately 800 yards apart. This became of paramount importance when considering how the scheme was going to be represented.


The main entrance to the larger of the two sites featured a beech tree lined access route to the former workhouse, this become the inspiration for the logo concept design. The design consisted of two illustrative beech trees, one drawn in a positive space the other in a negative space. This symbolised not only the unification between the old and new build, but the amalgamation of two site locations being brought together to create a single principal identity. It was decided that a dust jacket should be introduced to enhance the aesthetics of the brochure; this would be in reverse colouration to that of the cover of the brochure, again reinforcing the unity of two becoming one. On the flip side of the jacket, a site plan was added, this would enable the potential purchaser to obtain detailed information about the development and their prospective new home.


Upon completion of the project it was presented to our client…

“Wow, this truly represents everything we wanted the development to be. Thank you again for your effortless attention to detail, another brilliantly executed identity.”