Annual Report - Suffolk Housing

We were asked to create an Annual Report for Suffolk Housing. The aim was to design and print a report that would empathise with the tenants that it represents. Concise and informative yet amiable and comprehensible. The next stage of the process was to design a selection of covers and spreads, these were then presented to the client. This enabled both the client and ourselves to discuss ideas with the objective of achieving a successful project.

The document provided by the client contained large sections of numerical data. We chose to display this in an illustrative form enabling it to be easily read and understood. Upon completion of the design the artwork files were sent to print; 500 copies printed on a 170gsm silk paper. When a project reaches the completion stage, it means so much more when a client feels the need to state their feelings in writing...

“Annual Report looks great – a fab job done and turned around in budget and on time. I was a bit daunted by the process but you have made it both easy to follow and have taken the lead in guiding us to where we needed to end up. Look forward to the next project!”

  • Charity Annual Report